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3 Features that will Improve Your Collaborative Email Design Workflows.

3 Features that will Improve Your Collaborative Email Design Workflows.

We are living in an era of remote work. According to Zippia, “experts predict that there will be 36.2 million Americans working remotely by 2025, a 417% increase from pre-pandemic levels.” This means that now more than ever, there is an emphasis on collaborative email design to communicate and connect in and outside every organization.

The problem with this is that smooth and collaborative email design is not always. Some reasons for this are:

  • Over-relying on designers to maintain the visual identity of outgoing emails. 
  • Having to design from scratch every time. 
  • No organized central location for project communication. This can result in delays in getting elements reviewed and approved.

Luckily, the rise of remote work has led to the democratization of design and the creation of new and innovative design tools. With the right email design tool, collaborative email design can become a smooth process. 

Here are 3 must-have features to look for in your search for the perfect email design tool.

1. Reusable Content Blocks

According to the Litmus’ 2020 State of Email Workflow Report, “52% of email teams spend two or more weeks producing an email from beginning to end.” This is most likely due to the time spent designing (and coding) repetitive content blocks such as footers, headers, and CTA’s. 

Reusable content blocks are a great way to increase email production and productivity. These ready-made templates are described as “legos” that allow everyone within your organization to build emails and pages quickly.

Although these templates might be time-consuming to create at first, the result is a clear framework in one centralized location that allows anyone to design on-brand emails fast. 

BEE Pro is a great example of a tool that makes creating and implementing reusable content blocks easy. Rather than starting from scratch, there are over 1400 ready-to-use emails and landing page templates. Along with the Saved Row feature, it’s easy for anyone to drag and drop reusable content blocks. 

Long gone are the days of spending hours on repetitive email content blocks. Reusable content blocks help your team focus on what’s important – the content.

Saved row feature inside of BEE Pro

2. Style Guidelines

As previously stated, collaborating can get tricky when there is too much emphasis on one team (or person) to do a job. Style guidelines are a great way to help decentralize email design by empowering everyone to take charge of creating on-brand digital communications.

Style guidelines are assets such as color palettes, fonts, text, and title sizes, predefined by designers. They are then used by the entire organization to help ensure that all digital communications are consistent with the brand’s identity.

Design tools have made it fast and easy for anyone to produce content like a designer by creating “workspaces” where design assets are centralized in one space. For instance, with BEE Pro Enterprise, you have the opportunity to create multiple workspaces, each with unique style guidelines. This plan is perfect for organizations with various product lines, business units, or agencies that manage multiple clients.

Design systems on BEE Pro

3. User Roles & Permissions

Giving useful and accurate design feedback is essential to collaboration and effective communication. That’s why finding a design tool that allows you to add members and assign User roles is essential. 

User roles help improve your email creation workflow and empower your team with specific tasks and responsibilities, so everyone is clear on their roles. 

With BEE Pro, members can simultaneously design and receive content-specific feedback by commenting on the parts of the designs, speeding up email, and landing page creation. 

If you are concerned that various people collaborating on one email design sounds overwhelming, finding a tool that offers User Roles & Permissions is essential.


BEE Pro User Roles & Permission

Learn more about User Roles & Permissions here

Improve your collaborative email design workflow with BEE Pro.

As we have admitted many times throughout this article, collaborating on email design sometimes gets messy. While it is not a task you can tackle overnight, finding the right tool that is easy and quick to learn and use is the first step.

BEE Pro is a free email and landing page editor that makes it easy for you to build and implement all of the design systems that make collaborative email design easy. Its no-code drag-and-drop functionality makes it particularly easy for anyone to learn and use right away.

Benefits of collaborating with BEE Pro:

  • Quickly drag and drop reusable content to build emails and pages
  • Organize your team’s assets in one centralized workspace 
  • Empower your team by assigning specific roles 
  • Stay consistent with style guidelines 
  • Share and receive feedback across teams

If you’re ready to give us a try, sign up for a free account. We recommend starting by browsing one of our professionally designed templates. With over 1400 to choose from, we are sure you’ll find the perfect one for your next email campaign.

BEE Pro Free Templates

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