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Campaign Monitor Custom Templates Now Available with BEE

Campaign Monitor Custom Templates Now Available with BEE

Email marketers, do you use Campaign Monitor to target audience segments and build customer journeys? You can now build Campaign Monitor custom templates with the BEE email editor. It’s an amazing way to marry BEE’s user-friendly design tools with the campaign management capabilities of Campaign Monitor. Read on to learn how to link your accounts and get the best of both worlds!

Why use Campaign Monitor and BEE together?

Campaign Monitor and BEE both have a lot of email marketing benefits. Campaign Monitor helps you optimize email campaigns by tracking email performance in real time, and it’s simple to automate your campaigns, too. When you pair Campaign Monitor with BEE’s drag-and-drop email editor, you can create beautiful emails in BEE and send them using Campaign Monitor’s email automation feature.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the simple process of connecting email marketing software Campaign Monitor with BEE Pro.

Step-by-step guide: Connecting Campaign Monitor with BEE

Connecting your accounts is quick and painless. Here’s how:

Step #1: Go to settings

From inside your BEE Pro account, click on “Settings” and then “Connectors.” You’ll see a list of several connector options with Campaign Monitor in the left column. Click the purple “Connect” button by Campaign Monitor’s name.

campaign monitor custom templates instructions

Step #2: Allow access

A window will pop up that prompts you to log in to your Campaign Monitor account. After you type in your email and password, you’ll be asked if you want to allow access; click “Allow” and your accounts will connect.

campaign monitor connector instructions

Exporting one template to Campaign Monitor

You also have the option to export a single template to your Campaign Monitor dashboard — here’s how.

Step #1: Create a template with the correct syntax

In order to send your BEE template to your Campaign Monitor account, your email template must have the <unsubscribe>Unsubscribe</unsubscribe> syntax. You can add this syntax in the BEE Pro editor by choosing a location where you want to have an unsubscribe link. Add a text block and click on “Merge Tags;” next, choose “Unsubscribe (Campaign Monitor)” from the list of options. (It’s important to make sure you add this syntax through “Insert Merge Tag” and not type it in yourself, or Campaign Monitor won’t accept the template.)

campaign monitor email templates how to merge tags

Step #2: Go to message details

After creating and saving an email template with the required syntax, go to the “Message Details” page and click the purple “Export Message” button. Choose the option to export to another application. Select Campaign Monitor from the available choices, and then log in and connect. That will export your BEE email template to your Campaign Monitor account.

how to export campaign monitor custom templates

Wrap-up: Campaign Monitor Custom Templates

If you have multiple customers or clients and they each have their own Campaign Monitor account, check out BEE’s Pro Agency account. This type of account supports multiple Campaign Monitor accounts and lets you have one for each brand. Happy designing!

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