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7 Breast Cancer Month Emails for Thinking Pink

7 Breast Cancer Month Emails for Thinking Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We’ve spotted quite a few brands taking up the cause and turning our inbox pink. We’re glad to see this important issue receiving the attention it deserves, even via email. Here are seven Breast Cancer Month emails that caught our eye.


We love the modular design and ultra large typeface against HTML background colors.

Subject: It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Here’s What We’re Up To This October

Bloomingdale's Breast Cancer Month emails


Adding borders to photos like the one in this Loft email is easy in the BEE editor (here’s how to add borders and padding).

Subject: A cause that’s close to our

LOFT Breast Cancer Month emails

Bumble and Bumble

Follow in Bumble and Bumble’s footsteps by adding a large image as your email’s backdrop.

Subject: Last call: grab 5 blow-dry essentials, free

Bumble and Bumble Breast Cancer Month emails

Estēe Lauder

GIFs are a great way to create visual interest and rotate through multiple products—even if it’s just between two frames.

Subject: It’s Time To End Breast Cancer.

Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Month emails


Got a long email displaying a lot of information? Make sure you’re building a photo collage that’s responsive for mobile screens.

Subject: A Gorgeous Way to Give: Join us in supporting BCRF

Ulta Breast Cancer Month emails


Add breathing room to your email with a little white space.

Subject: Time to End Breast Cancer #PinkRibbon25

Origins Breast Cancer Month emails


Want people to get your message? Keep it to just a couple sentences, like Megabus.

Subject: Have you faced breast cancer?

Megabus Breast Cancer Month emails

What Breast Cancer Month emails have you received? Which ones stood out as sharing an effective but important message?

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