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How 6 Brands Tackle Product Demos in Email

How 6 Brands Tackle Product Demos in Email

“Show, don’t tell.” We’re all familiar with this phrase. In email, it’s especially important to keep things simple. We have limited space and even less time to show readers as much as possible before we lose their interest. So when brands introduce a new product or want to demonstrate how something works in email, how do they show it? With a mini product demo! Let’s check out the different ways that brands get creative when tackling email product demos in email. Take a look.

Glossier: A video-like GIF shows how to apply the product

glossier product demos in email glossier product demos in email

Leesa: A photo-driven infographic reveals what makes the mattress work

leesa product demos in email

Flight 001: A two-frame GIF highlights a special product feature

flight 001 product demos in email

NY Road Runners: A photo from different angles illustrates each feature

NYRR product demos in email

Food 52: A playful GIF helps readers imagine themselves using the product

food52 product demos in email

The Grommet: A video preview shows the product in action (and how to click for more)

the grommet product demos in email

Have you seen other brands with stand-out product demos in email? Share in the comments section!

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