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3 Tips for Designing the Best Brand Collaboration Emails

3 Tips for Designing the Best Brand Collaboration Emails

Collaboration is a good thing. When two brands come together, they each benefit in plenty of ways. There’s the synergy of working together, the fun of creating something you couldn’t or wouldn’t have alone, and the added exposure of accessing each other’s audiences. Hopefully, a bump in sales is a benefit, too. Working together = good for everyone. So it’s no surprise we see tons of brand collaboration emails in our inbox. Today, we’ll look at some stellar examples and offer design tips for how to make your own!

brand collaboration emails

Tip #1: Call out the collaborators immediately

Share the spotlight! List the brands you’re featuring at the tippy top of your email—and in your subject line, too.

Vrai & Oro

Subject: Vrai & Oro x Everlane

Vrai & Oro Everlane brand collaboration emails

In this collaboration email from jewelry brand Vrai & Oro, announcing its partnership with Everlane, both brands are named at the very top of the email—and in the subject line itself. This trend was almost ubiquitous in all the collaboration emails we examined. Don’t make readers scroll through a series of images before telling them the stars of the show. Many emails—this one included—used images of the brand logos for added recognition and clarity. Our brains processes images more quickly than words, so in the name of speed and efficiency, logos are a great move. We also enjoy the simplicity of this email, which helps readers get the information they need if they want to attend the event. For more tips on designing event invitation emails, be sure to check out a few of our event design posts:


Subject: Koio x Quincy Davis

Koio Quincy Davis brand collaboration emails

While this Koio collaboration email with Quincy Davis is all image-based (why no plain text?!), there’s inspiration to be drawn from the design choices here. The ultra-narrow body width makes the text easy to read. The generous line height and line breaks offer an airy, spacious vibe. And that hero image? It’s so pretty, especially with white text atop it. We’d definitely incorporate live text, though, and make that single CTA button pop!

Tip #2: Structure the email like a product launch

A collaboration is a special event! Treat it like one by designing the email like you would a product launch email. Unveil the collaboration with vibrant images and festive language. Your collab is a big deal.


Subject: Introducing the Nisolo x Huckberry Travel Derby

Nisolo Huckberry brand collaboration emails

Check out this snazzy email from Nisolo. It definitely reads like a product launch email—because that’s what it is, in partnership with Huckberry. The images are carefully selected to show off a product, which is a smart move whenever you’re introducing something new. Instead of a conventional piece of user-generated content, the email ends with a quote from a product development manager. The brand can even see if the quote is effective by experimenting with an A/B test—it’d be interesting to know! This is a beautiful email, but again, we’d advise breaking up those stacked images and using well-formatted live text and bulletproof CTA buttons. Just follow our tutorial on how to position live text and a CTA button over a background image in BEE!

Topo Designs

Subject: Topo Designs x FRONTEER Collaboration

Topo Designs Fronteer brand collaboration emails

We love the alternating bold colors in the modules of this collaboration email from Topo Designs (on behalf of Fronteer). In this case, the brand logos aren’t used at the top of the email, which makes for a perfect opportunity to layer live text in the first module atop the image—or position matching HTML background color alongside an image. Again, lots of images are shown here to unveil the features of the shoe and pack, and by using just one image per module, the reader can focus on one exciting characteristic at a time.

Tip #3: Don’t be shy about making emails look “off brand”

One way to catch readers’ attention when they open a collaboration email is to depart boldly from your usual brand standards. After all, a brand collaboration email isn’t all about you—it’s about your partner brand, too, and about the new brand image you’re creating together.

Blue Apron

Subject: Introducing BLUE APRON x CHRISSY TEIGEN—save $50 ????

Blue Apron Chrissy Teigen brand collaboration emails

If you receive Blue Apron emails, you know that most of the time, they’re very blue. This collaboration email with celeb foodie Chrissy Teigen certainly incorporates the usual brand blue, but the red banner and pink background are a bold departure. As soon as readers open this email, they can tell it’s something different and special. And that’s a good thing! This email definitely got my attention.


Subject: Introducing the Clare V. x TOMS collection

TOMS Clare V. brand collaboration emails

This collaboration email from TOMS, to showcase its partnership with Clare V., is definitely on the softer, more feminine side compared to the brand’s typical look. We noticed the change in vibe right away—the pale millennial pink and “hand-written” illustrations make for a sweet, stand-out message that caught our eye. We love the brand logos at the top, plus the combination of product stills and modeled images. All of it just comes together!

Create Your Own Brand Collaboration Emails

Is a collaboration in your future? Design one-of-a-kind brand collaboration emails in the BEE editor with a free trial of BEE Pro. The editor is super easy to use and also provides a ton of options for fine-tuning and customizing templates. Check out our free email design tutorials and videos for tips, and have fun!

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