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April Fools’ Day Email Ideas That Will Keep Your Audience Laughing

April Fools’ Day Email Ideas That Will Keep Your Audience Laughing

Email designers, have you been waiting for the right moment to flex your creative muscles and create some truly funny emails? Now’s your chance! It’s almost April Fools’ Day and we highly recommend sending an April Fools’ Day email to your customers. These emails are a playful way to humanize your brand. Whether you use GIF’s, bright colors or punny copy, April Fools’ is a great time to have some fun. Take a look at these April Fools’ Day email ideas to help you craft your own email campaign.

It’s almost April Fools’ Day and we highly recommend sending an April Fools’ Day email to your customers. These emails are a playful way to humanize your brand. Click To Tweet

Add fun touches like KiwiCo

We love the creative design of this KiwiCo email: It’s both fun and functional. April Fools’ is a holiday created for the specific purpose of having a little fun. So if you’ve been itching to add some unique details to your emails but haven’t yet, now is the time.

Subject line: No fooling! Cyber Monday in April

Creative April Fools' Day email

Be lighthearted but reassuring like Alternative

Consumers need to feel like they can trust your brand, and pulling pranks isn’t always the best way to instill that trust! Here, Alternative reassured customers that despite the playful subject line, this email was a “joke-free zone.”

The brand also went for a muted color scheme focusing on more neutral tones, which emphasized that they weren’t fooling around.

Subject line: April Fools’ — our sale’s still on

April Fools' Day email design

Curate the perfect newsletter like Grammarly

Sending an email newsletter instead of a more sales-y email? Consider compiling some fun, educational content about this playful holiday. There is certainly plenty of wild April Fools’ history to draw on!

Subject line: The origin of April Fools’ Day

April Fools' email

Make it seasonal like Teavana

The first day of spring is March 19th, so by April 1st, most people will be fully ready for spring. Take a page from Teavana’s book and incorporate that warm-weather feeling (flowers, colors and more) into your April Fools’ email. Teavana’s email has a great example of an April Fools’ Day email subject line, too!

Subject line: April deals > April Fools

April Fools' Day email subject lines

Offer an exclusive sale like Redbubble

We agree with Redbubble: When it comes to savings and sales, don’t fool around! Like Redbubble, you can use the holiday as an excuse for an exclusive offer that’s just for your email subscribers. You can even design a countdown timer to indicate when the sale ends and motivate your customers to buy now.

Subject line: Hey April fools. 20% off everything. We don’t joke about savings.

April Fools' Day email example

Focus on layout like Urban Skin Rx

If you want to pull an April Fools’ email prank on your email list, this is the best way to do it. Opt for a pleasant surprise like extending a sale for longer, or even something more inventive. We love the dual-column layout utilized in this Urban Skin email; it’s easy for the reader’s eyes to take in, and the colors used are fresh and springlike.

Subject line: APRIL FOOLS! Sale still happening now!

April Fools' Day prank email

Apologize (if needed) like Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor sent two emails on April 1st, one about a sale on shoes and one about a sale on swimwear, before realizing their mistake: Only one of those sales was currently live. The brand quickly followed up with a tongue-in-cheek apology email — “April Fools (oops!): Our swim event is tomorrow, SHOP SHOES today!” We’re sure it’s not the April Fools’ Day email idea they had in mind, but it was a creative way to handle the situation. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone apologizes. Do the right thing!

Subject line: April Fools (oops!): Our swim event is tomorrow, SHOP SHOES today!

apology email example

Wrap-up: April Fools’ Day emails

If you want to use springtime colors in your April Fools’ email, use one of our free spring sale email templates. Check out this pink-and-green spring email template created by Galina Grahovska or search our template catalog for more seasonal templates. You can also start with a blank template in BEE and build your own email from scratch.

April Fools’ is a playground for brands when it comes to email design. Take advantage of that and have fun creating your April Fools’ Day emails this year!

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