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iPhone X Email: The Smart Way Apple Announced Its New Products

iPhone X Email: The Smart Way Apple Announced Its New Products

Apple unveiled its latest iPhone this week amidst the usual fanfare. In honor of the brand’s 10th anniversary, part of the big reveal was the ultra high-end iPhone X—what Apple is calling the first device that’s “entirely screen.” As a result, the media and Twitterverse are doing their usual thing: criticizing, predicting, analyzing. But we’re just as excited by the device’s follow-up reveal in an email. Hey, we’re #emailgeeks—we own it! Want to see how the big Apple announces a new product? Let’s have a look.

Apple’s iPhone X announcement email

Subject: Big announcements from our September event.

iphone x email

Our Takeaways

The announcement email uses a modular, single column design. The text is kept to a minimum, and HTML background colors fuse seamlessly with product images. The header is also simple and clean—no clutter or nav menus here.

Notably, there are no CTA buttons. Instead, the calls to action are not compelling, just the usual “Learn more” text, with links in boring blue. There are also no GIFs or video previews (though there is a healthy dose of millennial pink).

Is the simplistic, clean design on-brand with Apple? Definitely. Could this email use some improvements though? We think so! Some updates that would go a long way: well-formatted plain text over images or HTML background colors, along with bulletproof CTA buttons.

How would you grade the Apple iPhone X announcement email? Let us know in the comments section!

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