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AI in Email Marketing: How Technology Will Affect Your Campaign

AI in Email Marketing: How Technology Will Affect Your Campaign

Using AI in email marketing can do a lot for your business. By 2035, businesses are expected to see $14 trillion in additional revenue from AI, plus a 38% rise in profitability. And since only 17% of email marketers use AI email marketing automation tools, this is a space where you can get ahead. By tapping into the power of AI to analyze data, you can make smart decisions and send your customers emails they’re guaranteed to love. Here are a few ways that AI can help with your email marketing.

By tapping into the power of AI to analyze data, you can make smart decisions and send your customers emails they’re guaranteed to love. Click To Tweet


Using AI in email marketing can help you automatically figure out the best timing to send emails based on your subscribers’ history. AI can analyze data from your customers to send emails at the time of day when they’re most likely to be read. If one of your subscribers tends to open their emails every morning around 9 A.M., that’s when your message to them will send. Thanks to technology, you can send each individual customer an email at the best time for them, ensuring you’re tailoring the experience for each person.


Use AI to set up automated emails — a drip campaign in which each message is sent automatically when a customer performs a specific trigger action. These emails are based on what stage someone is at in the customer journey. For example, Cracker Barrel automatically sends this welcome email when someone fills out their website form to become an email subscriber. Automated emails make your job easier and ensure you’re staying on top of things with each individual customer.

Subject line: We’re so glad you’re here ?

AI in email marketing

AI email subject lines

Create subject lines using AI and boost your open rate. AI tools analyze your previous performance, considering the subject lines you’ve used in the past and their open rates. (Many AI email subject line tools take your brand guidelines into account, too.) Then, these tools can generate new subject lines based on this information. AI email subject lines are always data-backed and often highly effective.


Segment your emails based on the data your customers provide when they sign up. Use your opt-in form to ask your customers a few questions about their interests, preferences and what kind of emails they’d like to receive from you. Many brands will also send an “Update your preferences” email to allow existing subscribers to change their preferences.

Subject line: Update your preferences 

update your preferences email

In addition to gathering this data directly from customers, you can use website cookies to see what webpages your customers are visiting. This can help you know when it’s time to send a re-engagement email — like this message from Keen Footwear.

Subject line: 20% off to say we miss you 

re-engagement email example

You can also use AI in email marketing to craft product recommendation emails. For example, in this email from ProFlowers, the company could use AI to track which products a certain customer has viewed. Then you can populate the email with the same products that customer recently looked at.

Subject line: Up to 30% OFF ? The Rose Sale starts today!

using ai in email marketing


Thanks to how AI is reshaping email marketing, email personalization now goes a lot deeper than just adding someone’s first name. AI technology can help you tap into the power of smart personalization. This kind of tool analyzes consumer behavior, studying your customers’ data and interests so you can send them emails that are as relevant as possible.

What sort of personalized emails can you use AI to create? The sky’s the limit: Send browse abandonment emails, product recommendation emails, cart abandonment messages and more. Allergy-friendly food brand So Delicious sends its customers a message on their birthdays.

Subject line: Bee, $1 to indulge on your birthday 

birthday email example

AI can even help you tailor marketing emails to your customer’s personality. Personality AI that analyzes information available online can help you get a feel for someone’s personality and what kind of email would resonate with them. For example, someone who’s analytical and scientific would probably enjoy hearing about the details of how your product was created. But a person whose personality is more spontaneous and happy would be more likely to read an email explaining what makes your product fun.

Using AI in email marketing can help your company in a myriad of ways — through boosting open rates, increasing conversions, improving customer relationships and more. And as AI evolves, the ways you can use machine learning for email marketing will only continue to expand.

Wrap-up: AI-based email marketing

AI in email marketing can do a lot. But when it comes to designing an email that will evoke emotion from your subscribers, that’s still your responsibility. Use our professionally-designed HTML email templates as a starting place to create impressive emails that will get more conversions. Then send out those messages automatically with the power of AI.

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