About BEE

BEE is MailUp‘s drag-&-drop editor for responsive design emails. BEE Free is the free version of it. It’s a web site where you can experience our easy-to-use email editor free of charge, without having to create an account. You will be designing emails in seconds.

The name BEE comes from our ambitious goal: to build the Best Email Editor around. We’re certainly not there yet, but with your feedback we are getting closer. We want you to be able to design beautiful, mobile-friendly email messages easily and quickly, and without any technical expertise. Let us know how we can improve the editor to help you do so.

BEE is available as a free email editor on beefree.io, as a hosted email design service called BEE Pro, and as an embeddable editor, a component that you can embed into your own software applications. This is what we call BEE Plugin.

Use BEE, have fun, and share your thoughts!

Design Beautiful Emails in the BEE Editor

Give it a try! Design stunning, fully responsive emails in our easy-to-use, drag-n-drop BEE editor. No HTML or CSS coding knowledge required. What more? It's free and online!

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