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9 St. Patrick’s Day Email Marketing Tips to Bring Luck to Your Campaigns

9 St. Patrick’s Day Email Marketing Tips to Bring Luck to Your Campaigns

Is your business ready for St. Patrick’s Day? While this holiday is Irish in origin, it’s popular in America, too: Over half of Americans celebrate this holiday, with a collective spending power of $6.16 billion. St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity to create an email campaign that boosts your revenue and sales. Use these St. Patrick’s Day email marketing tips to help your brand feel the luck of the Irish this March.

Over half of Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day, with a collective spending power of $6.16 billion. Click To Tweet

Use emojis in your St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines

Get clever with the copy in your St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines, making your readers smile or laugh. Use emojis, too — we’re seeing a lot of shamrock emojis, but you could also use a rainbow, beer or the Irish flag. And as usual, you’ll want to follow the email subject line best practices that apply to any holiday: Keep it short, describe what’s inside the email and personalize if possible.

Here are a few example subject lines sourced from our inbox:

  • Your Lucky Handbag ?
  • Your Luck Is Running Out!
  • It’s your lucky day! ☘️ Surprise savings inside…
  • You’re in Luck ? 17% Off Sitewide
  • It’s Almost Irish Whiskey O’Clock
  • Your Lack of Green Is Disturbing

Choose a color scheme that fits your branding

In this Happy St. Patrick’s Day email, blogger Ashley Rose at Sugar & Cloth chose a pastel color scheme that incorporated tones of mint green and pale pink. While you might not expect pastels for St. Paddy’s, they work: We’re transitioning into springtime, after all.

Subject line: St. Patrick themed recipes! ?

st. patrick's day email marketing

By contrast, MeUndies went full-out green in its St. Paddy’s message. For MeUndies — a fun, lively brand with a playful voice — the choice was a great fit. But for Sugar & Cloth, pastels were much more natural.

Subject line: Last call to get shamrocks by St. Patrick’s Day ?

st. patrick's day email

gif from st. patrick's day email

Both color schemes work equally as well for St. Patrick’s Day email marketing. The best choice of colors for you depends on your branding and the colors and personality you already have in place.

Cross-promote your St. Patrick’s Day content

If you don’t already cross-promote your marketing content, you should: Cross-promoting helps your brand reach further for a lower cost. When you cross-promote, you share a piece of content that was created for one marketing platform on other platforms where you have a presence.

For example, Grammarly wrote a blog post and then used that article as the focus of this St. Patrick’s Day email. The company could share the post on social media, too. Cross-promoting your content equals less work for you in the long run.

Subject line: 4 Irish authors who will inspire your St. Patrick’s Day

happy st. patrick's day email

Give a free (and relevant) gift with purchase

Many companies choose to give buyers a free gift with their purchase as a special holiday promotion. This popular e-commerce tactic works because it encourages people to spend more money than they might have otherwise. Just make sure your free gift is something your customers actually want. Tie Bar’s free gift is a winner for two reasons: It’s relevant to the company’s customers and it’s relevant to the holiday.

Subject line: St. Patrick’s Day is in two weeks 

st. patrick's day email marketing

Write clever copy

Write copy that converts by using catchphrases commonly associated with the holiday. Estée Lauder includes phrases like “Green with envy” and “Lucky day” in this St. Paddy’s email:

Subject line: How to do St. Patrick’s Day ?

st. patrick's day email cosmetics brand

This message from Keurig is another great example of St. Patrick’s Day email marketing — we love the “Brew up some luck!” text at the top of the message. Tell your customers why your product is their pot of gold this holiday.

Subject line: It’s your lucky day! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with 15% off pods

st. patrick's day marketing email

Send a St. Patrick’s Day email newsletter

It’s not always about the hard sell. Email newsletters can do just as much good for your brand as marketing-oriented messages. Case in point: this MyRecipes newsletter that shared over a dozen recipes for the holiday. Sending a newsletter with content that’s relevant, educational, fun or all of the above can boost your open rates. It helps establish your business as an expert in your field, too.

Subject line: Just add beer. Our luckiest recipes for St. Patrick’s Day.

st. patrick's day email newsletter

Encourage your customers to go green

We talk a lot here on the BEE blog about finding the ways your product or service connects with a certain holiday and making those connections clear in your email marketing. Petal & Post does a great job: In this St. Patrick’s Day email, the organic beauty company encourages readers to go green (with a double meaning!).

Subject line: Go green on St. Patrick’s Day

creative st. patrick's day email

Find elegant typography

Typography can make or break an email campaign. We’re taking notes from this Paper Source Happy St. Patrick’s Day email that featured shimmering gold fonts to catch the reader’s eye. The same calligraphy font is consistently repeated multiple times throughout the email. It’s elegant, but not so fancy that it’s difficult to read — and it’s balanced out with more basic fonts in the rest of the text. Major points to Paper Source for going bold with this visually attractive font!

Subject line: You’re in luck — our St. Paddy’s day gifts are pure gold!

st. patrick's day email fonts

Use gamification

Want to engage your customers? Try using gamification in your St. Patrick’s Day email marketing. Including game-like elements in your marketing emails can increase both engagement and conversions. In this Logitech email, readers can play a “Mystery Savings” game, clicking to reveal their unique coupon code. It’s a great way to get customers to open the email, click through and eventually make a purchase with their newfound discount.

Subject line: ☘️ Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with 25, 20, 15, or 10% off

st. patrick's day gamification email

gif mystery savings game

Wrap-up: St. Patrick’s Day email templates

Ready to start your St. Patrick’s Day email marketing? Check out our templates to help! Our St. Patrick’s Day email templates are responsive HTML messages created by professional graphic designers. Pick your favorite template and open it using the BEE email editor. Then all you have to do is quickly customize the message with your details before it’s ready to go to your email list. With our email templates, your St. Patrick’s Day email marketing can be a breeze. We’ll toast to that!

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