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9 Good Father’s Day Email Subject Lines for E-commerce

9 Good Father’s Day Email Subject Lines for E-commerce

In the United States, Father’s Day doesn’t take place until late June. But in other parts of the world, Father’s Day is coming up more quickly — and your brand might want to hop on board. Father’s Day in some European and Latin American countries is celebrated on March 19. In Germany, Father’s Day is in late May. And the holiday falls in early June in Switzerland.

Depending on where your customers are based, consider designing your Father’s Day emails now, then segmenting your email list based on region. That way, everyone will receive a Father’s Day email at a time that’s relevant for them.

Here are a few of the best Father’s Day email subject lines to help inspire you as you design your own:

#1. “A glimpse into 9 father daughter relationships”

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool. Stories are engaging and relatable; they help your brand feel more human. The Lily teased nine heartwarming Father’s Day stories in its subject line and then shared the content in the body of the email.


#2. “Spoil Dad this Father’s Day”

A product email from Milligram did a great job of framing each of its products as the perfect dad gift. Water bottles? A key ring? Pens, notebooks or wallets? Every product has a line of text explaining how you can spoil Dad with that product.

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#3. “Celebrate Dad w/Father’s Day weekend savings // ⌚ Ends SOON”

This Father’s Day subject line from Jus packs a lot into a short phrase: It explains what’s inside (savings), invokes urgency (ends SOON) and urges you to celebrate! Capitalization can be a handy tool in email subject lines. However, it’s also something that can be easily overused. Pick and choose all caps for the times they’ll really pack a punch — like a Father’s Day sale ending SOON.

#4. “We’ve got your last minute Father’s Day gift”

This email sent from Blue Bottle Coffee came in the day before the U.S. holiday and shared a couple of key products that readers could order last-minute. It’s a great way to remind customers they need to shop if they haven’t. Schedule a similar email blast to go out to your list just before the holiday.

#5. “It’s our CEO’s first Father’s Day.”

This subject line from Nisolo immediately makes readers say “aw” and open it up. And importantly, this email delivers exactly what the subject line promised: Adorable content from a first-time dad.

#6. “13 crowd-pleasing Father’s Day brunch recipes that anyone can pull off.”

If you send newsletters rather than sales emails, take some inspiration from Food52. Curate relevant content that people want to read — like easy brunch recipes — and share it with your readers. (Hint: Share the story that was mentioned in the subject line at the top of the email so people don’t have to go looking for it.)

#7. “Chris Hemsworth + Father’s Day gifts”

Using a celebrity’s name in your subject line can draw people’s attention and get them to open the email. BOSS utilized this tactic through mentioning actor Chris Hemsworth, who serves as a brand ambassador for the company.

#8. “Our Father’s Day gift: take 25% off”

Including numbers in your subject lines, like Michael Kors did here, might help increase your open rate. Numbers are specific and people like to know exactly what they’re getting. So while you don’t need to give everything away in the subject line, it can be helpful to tease a sale.

#9. “Rebecca, shop Father’s Day savings for up to 40% off styles for him”

Take your cue from Bloomingdale’s and personalize your Father’s Day email subject lines by using first names. One study showed that email campaigns with a subscriber’s first name got 2.6% more opens, so personalization is an easy way to increase your open rate. Don’t forget to put the personalization at the beginning of the subject so it doesn’t get cut off.

Wrap-up: Father’s Day email templates

Ready to get started on your own Father’s Day email marketing? Use our email templates to help! Our designer Martin Nikolchev created a Father’s Day email template you can use to promote your products. Free for all BEE users, this template is easy to customize and can help you create an engaging Father’s Day email this year. Happy designing — and to all the dads out there, happy Father’s Day, too!

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