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9 Creative Spring Sale Emails Built to Boost Conversions

9 Creative Spring Sale Emails Built to Boost Conversions

There might still be snow on the ground where you live, but believe it or not, spring is coming. That means spring sales are coming, too. Running seasonal sales is an effective way to make conversions and the emails you design to promote those campaigns can have a big impact on your conversion rate. If you need some inspiration, check out these colorful spring sale emails we love!

Running seasonal sales is an effective way to make conversions and the emails you design to promote those campaigns can have a big impact on your conversion rate. Click To Tweet

Anya Hindmarch

Do you have colorful products? Let the products themselves serve as the color element in the email. That’s what Anya Hindmarch did here, using a plain white background so the rows of purses could really stand out.

Subject line: Dress for the season, whatever the weather

spring sale email

Can’t Clutch This

We love this clever and beautiful spring email from Can’t Clutch This. Our favorite elements: the striking contrast of the blue and pink plus the clever copy that effectively sells the products. Be smart about the copy you choose to complement your visuals.

Subject line: We hear florals are in this spring ?

spring sale email example


You don’t have to limit your spring sales to a one-time event — if you’re able, set up a whole string of promotions. Moleskine created a marketing tactic called Spring Week with a different item on sale each day. This is the final email in the series, and even if customers missed the previous emails, they’d still be able to understand what was going on at first glance thanks to the minimal copy and open design of the email.

Subject line: Spring week | Final days

sale email series

The Company Store

Can’t decide what color to use? Include them all! This email from The Company Store starts out with a gorgeous animation featuring a rainbow of bedding and moves on to highlight individual products lower in the email. Make your own spring sale emails more exciting by adding on-brand gif’s that feature your products in creative ways.

Subject line: Dream in color ?

spring sale email gif

Hint Water

This email from Hint Water does a lot of things right with its spring sale email design — we love the on-brand blue background with cute doodles and splashes of color. But perhaps our favorite aspect of this email is the code itself: “spring.” In sale emails, brands will sometimes include a promo code that’s a long string of unrelated letters and numbers. Codes like these are too hard for shoppers to remember. By using a simple and relevant code like Hint’s basic “spring,” you boost your chance of making conversions.

Subject line: Our spring favorites over 30% off! ☀️

spring sale email

Urban Outfitters

The vintage vibe of this Urban Outfitters email lines up with the photo styles that are trending on Instagram right now. We’re also seeing a lot of emojis in spring sale email subject lines — flowers, sunshine, you name it — and we love the trend! One study showed that using emojis in subject lines increased email open rates for 56% of brands, so don’t be afraid to experiment with emojis in your subject lines.

Subject line: bright + airy spring essentials ????

spring sale email subject lines

Paper Source

Pastel blocks of color make this Paper Source email a pleasure to read. Individual CTA’s let the reader access more information about what they’re looking for and the flatlay photos showcase Paper Source products in a beautiful way.

Subject line: Energize, revitalize & spring into action ?

colorful spring sale email


Interactive content is one of the biggest email trends we expect to see in 2020. Get creative with your spring sale emails and send out a fun piece of content that promotes your brand. Shaving company Harry’s emailed out a simple yet well-designed quiz to help customers find the best product for them. This colorful, fun email is a great way to get readers from the inbox onto the website with no blatant sales push in sight.

Subject line: Quiz: Which shower scent fits you best?

spring email with interactive content

Sur la Table

The color green absolutely screams spring — think budding plants and fresh grass. Sur la Table used a beautiful shade of green to highlight its product categories. Then the company listed its other good deals. Choose your color scheme carefully for spring sale emails, staying on-brand but incorporating springtime pinks and greens too.

Subject line: Final day — 20% off your order + free shipping

spring sale email example

Wrap-up: Spring email template

Need a spring email template to jumpstart your spring sale emails? Check out the library of seasonal email templates we have at BEE.

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