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7 St. Patrick’s Day Emails That Put Us in the Mood to Party

7 St. Patrick’s Day Emails That Put Us in the Mood to Party

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and email marketers might find a pot of gold waiting on March 17. Consumers spend a total of almost $6 billion on the holiday, with individual Americans spending an average of $39.65. Need a little design inspiration as you plan your St. Patrick’s Day email marketing? We’ve rounded up seven St. Patrick’s Day emails that made us feel the luck of the Irish!

Find Your Trainer

What’s not to love about this creative email? The copy is tailored to the holiday, the brand uses cute drawings to quickly explain how the process works and dual CTA buttons at the bottom let readers access an interactive quiz or find trainers nearby.

Subject line: ? Save $50 off your first personal training session this St. Patrick’s Day. Promo code: 50GOLD ?

st. patrick's day email example

Fenty Beauty

People tend to think green when they think St. Patty’s, but gold is also a big part of this holiday’s color scheme. So if neon green doesn’t go with your branding, no worries — see if gold will work in your St. Patrick’s Day email design instead. (Bonus points if you have a gold product like this Fenty Beauty highlighter!)

Subject line: This Trophy Wife is a pot of gold

st. patrick's day email design


TripAdvisor used this email to share tours that are relevant to St. Patty’s. Do something similar by presenting any of your products or services that are relevant to the holiday. TripAdvisor also personalized their St. Patrick’s Day email subject line, which is an important strategy. Since 47% of email recipients open an email based solely on the subject line, using someone’s first name can grab their attention.

Subject line: Hailey: Best beer experiences for St. Patrick’s Day

st patrick's email ideas


This St. Patrick’s Day email from HelloFresh does a lot of things right: The email shares a holiday promo code, offers educational content, and includes customer testimonials. Plus, the green-and-gold design is festive without being overbearing. Aim to strike a similar balance as you design your St. Patrick’s Day emails, and consider adding reviews from current customers to help convince your email list to buy.

Subject line: LAST CHANCE! Get $80 off today.

st patrick's day email


Be strategic with color; try using a splash of green to highlight a part of your email that might be overlooked. Jus by Julie used this tactic in the footer of its email. The “Read Our Blog” section is bright green, standing out from the rest of the section and encouraging people to click.

Subject line: Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day! Catch our thank you offer ???

st patrick's day email


Petco’s St. Patrick’s Day email is full of puns! Get creative with your copy to put a smile on your readers’ faces. And don’t overlook your St. Patrick’s Day email subject line — emojis are popular on this holiday and Petco’s subject line promises good deals inside.

Subject line: Happy St. Paddy’s Day: strike gold! ?

st patrick's day email subject lines

Ole Henriksen

We love this holiday email from skincare brand Ole Henriksen. The subject line uses a different emoji that stands out from the shamrocks favored by other brands and the email feels well-balanced with both its layout and the number of products listed.

Subject line: Meet your pot of ✨glow✨ at the end of the rainbow

st patrick's day email design

Wrap-up: Use these St. Patrick’s Day email templates

Create your own email using our free St. Patrick’s Day email template. Designed by Andrea Dall’Ara and titled “Good Luck to You,” this seasonal template is the perfect way to showcase your products and strike it rich this March.

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