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7 Simple Christmas Email Ideas for a Festive Holiday Season

7 Simple Christmas Email Ideas for a Festive Holiday Season

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays — the best time of the year is coming up fast, and it’s time to make your email list and check it twice! Holiday email marketing is an important way to connect with clients and customers at the end of the year, but your Christmas emails don’t have to be fancy to be effective. Let’s look at a few simple Christmas email ideas that can make your marketing efforts more festive this December.

Christmas email marketing campaigns

There are a few different types of emails you can send at Christmas. If you’re having any sales in honor of the holidays, you’ll want to promote those throughout the month. You can also send email newsletters with relevant seasonal information for your readers to enjoy. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to send an email that’s not selling anything — instead, that simply wishes your customers a merry Christmas. These kinds of emails can nurture relationships and help engage with customers. Let’s get into the design inspiration! 

#1. Have clever Christmas email subject lines like Starbucks

Subject lines are important year-round, but Christmas email subject lines might be even more so: You have exciting things happening this time of year, and you need people to know about them! Starbucks kept things simple with a cute Christmas pun, and similarly, you can incorporate humor into your seasonal subject lines. Or if you’re not feeling in a particularly funny mood, just incorporate a line from a classic Christmas song to instantly make people feel warm and cozy. Chestnuts roasting…  

Subject line: We know yule love this

simple christmas email ideas

#2. Get personal like Draper & James

There’s nothing like a Christmas card with a family photo, even if that card comes from a brand. Reese Witherspoon founded a clothing brand called Draper & James in 2015, and last year the company sent a digital card to its email subscribers. Small businesses should consider doing something similar to put a face to their company name and help customers truly feel a connection.

Subject line: Reese’s Christmas card

christmas card email

#3. Show the love like Yeti

In this Christmas email, Yeti went above and beyond by including a few simple lines of copy that thanked the customer for coming along throughout the year. Heartfelt lines like these can make your customers feel valued and appreciated — so don’t be afraid to speak with emotion.

Subject line: A quick note to say… 

christmas emails

#4. Send a newsletter like PureWow

At a loss trying to curate a beautiful Christmas newsletter? PureWow didn’t struggle at all: Their Christmas newsletter is full of helpful holiday tips. Focus on taking your normal newsletter and making it seasonally relevant. If your target audience is pet owners and your newsletters normally focus on pet health, for instance, then talk about pet health and safety during the holidays when the house is full of potentially toxic decorations and food. There’s always a way to find a timely hook and to send out content that’s truly valuable.

Subject line: 20 extra-special Christmas breakfast recipes

christmas email newsletter

#5. Offer a discount like Sweaty Betty

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a discount code — or, at least, that’s what Sweaty Betty thinks. Surprise your customers with a sale that’s so tempting, they can’t help but hand over the cash they were gifted.

Subject line: Merry Christmas from Sweaty Betty

christmas sales email

#6. Hold a contest like the Grommet

What’s better than a discount code? Answer: a contest! One of the best simple Christmas email ideas is to hold a contest for your customers. Here, The Grommet asked for photos of customers using their gifts and offered a $200 prize. You can do something similar to help your conversion rate continue to go up even after the holiday — and you’ll get some great user-generated content for your social media accounts, too.

Subject line: Merry Christmas ? Let us see those smiling faces for a chance to win.

christmas email subject lines 

#7. Encourage sales like Rag and Bone

Finally, take this Christmas email idea from Rag and Bone and remind your customers that even if Santa didn’t bring them everything they wanted, that’s okay — because your online store is still present and ready to go.   

Subject line: Get what you wanted?

GIF’s from a favorite Christmas movie are never a bad idea to make customers smile, either.

Wrap-up: Christmas email ideas

These simple Christmas email ideas are easy to implement in your own Christmas email marketing campaign. Christmas emails can be made even easier when you utilize BEE’s free Christmas email templatessuch as this one created by designer Yuliana Pandelieva. These drag-and-drop templates are responsive, simple to use, and can help you get more conversions this holiday season!

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