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7 Ways to Spark Joy With Minimalist Email Design

7 Ways to Spark Joy With Minimalist Email Design

With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time for some spring cleaning. And that includes email design! Minimalism has been on our radar as one of 2019’s email design trends, and we’re finding excellent examples of simpler, bolder, ultra-focused emails in our inbox. Minimalist email design is so effective because it communicates simply and beautifully. Design and copy work together to deliver a message that’s cohesive, quickly comprehended, and enticing. So check out these seven types of minimalist emails and get ready to be inspired. Maybe they’ll even spark joy!

#1. Minimalist story teaser from Organic Valley

Subject: 100% Grass-Fed. In Winter?

minimalist graphic design from organic valley

The text in this minimalist email from Organic Valley is riddled with questions, from the subject to the header. The repetition drives home the central message—how do cows eat grass in winter?—while the copy remains brief. The photo perfectly supports the content, and the call-to-action button stands out (and avoids generic language like “learn more”). As a result, every part of this email focuses on one message, and as a reader, we get it! (And we clicked, too. You learn something new every day!)

The takeaway: Don’t be afraid to reinforce your message with repetition (and pitch-perfect photography)

#2. Minimalist user-generated content from Koio


minimalist email newsletter from koio

This product promotion email from Koio is ultra streamlined – and it’s some of the best minimalist email design we’ve seen! There’s no product description, no features list, no gallery of photos. Instead, user-generated content leads the way. These three (brief) reviews do all the talking, in addition to the animated GIF that’s the hero image:

minimalist email design GIF from koio

The takeaway: Let your customers speak for you! Don’t hide user-generated content at the bottom of your email; let it be the main dish.

The best email design, directly in your inbox.

#3. Minimalist product launch from Glossier

Subject: Surprise!

minimalist email marketing from glossier

Glossier knows how to launch a new product with a splash, and this super minimalist—and intriguing—email is no exception. It’s a good reminder you don’t have to give it all away in an email. Instead, focus on creating a little excitement and mystery! Here’s a look at the animated GIF:

minimalist email marketing GIF from glossier

The takeaway: Heighten intrigue with a single GIF or image and just one line of text (and give away an exciting hint with your CTA button copy). When your minimalist email marketing also builds suspense, customers will be much more likely to engage with your CTA.

#4. Minimalist collaboration from Vrai & Oro

Subject: Forward thinkers

vrai and oro email marketing graphic design

This is one of the longer emails in our collection, but there are still plenty of minimalist graphic design decisions at play. Each module maintains the same layout: side-by-side images followed by a quote and button against a muted pastel background. As you scroll, you know what to expect. The photos are all cropped the same way, the colors work together, and the quotes are short and legible in a large font. There’s no clutter to be found here!

The takeaway: When you’re creating a minimalist email newsletter, build a simple module with only the most essential content, then replicate it throughout your email.

#5. Minimalist quiz from Ritual

Subject: Consider this…

best minimalist email design from ritual

We love a good quiz or in-email survey. It’s instantly engaging. But readers won’t tap if the question isn’t clear or interesting, if the buttons are too small or confusing, or if there are too many options. Ritual does it just right with this one. And the question is animated, too:

best minimalist email design GIF from ritual

The takeaway: Asking a question? Great! Limit your answers to two or three options (with bulletproof buttons) and don’t add secondary content or clutter. (This survey email template may help!)

#6. Minimalist event invitation from Everlane

Subject: Brooklyn, It’s Time To Choose

minimalist graphic design from everlane

This invitation email from Everlane has a lot of content (normal for invitation emails, which must include logistical details), yet minimalist design decisions have been made. There’s a large, easy-to-read header, followed by a single image that helps readers “see” the event. There’s a chance to RSVP at the top with a button, then a second module with supporting information like location and timing, followed by another CTA. Between everything is ample padding. The email doesn’t feel too crowded, and its focus is clear. Plus, the banner along the top acts as a TLDR version of the entire email.

The takeaway: Use a large font size and plenty of line breaks in your invitation email so it’s scannable.

#7. Minimalist content from Thinx

Subject: Rest easy your next period week ????

thinx minimalist email newsletter

Have we mentioned minimalist emails can be colorful? This lovely green email from THINX employs a minty HTML background color that stands out in our inbox. We love the live text used here and the stylistic choice of using a two-column layout for the body copy and CTA button. It looks different from other emails, but it’s still stunningly simple. Plus, this email is about only one thing. There’s no product promotion here, or even a link to second article. There’s just one topic, and that simplicity drives home the message.

The takeaway: Deliver blog content with a single, simple teaser message that invites readers to click for more. And don’t be afraid to go all-out with a beautiful background color!

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