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6 Good Emails to Launch a New Product

6 Good Emails to Launch a New Product

Do you have a new product launching soon? If so, now is the time to get ahead. There are several different types of good emails you can send to tease a new product, and in this post we’re going to cover six of them. But first, let’s talk more generally about what a product launch email is and what benefits it has.

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What is a product launch email?

A product launch email announces your new product and invites your subscribers to purchase it. Good product launch emails generally include an eye-catching subject line, photos of the product, text explaining what the product is and why it’s so great, and a call to action (CTA) with a purchase link. 

Product launch emails don’t have to be saved only for physical products — you can also use them to announce an event, a new feature, or your revamped website. These types of emails help you spread the word about the value you offer and ultimately increase sales.

Here are six types of emails to include in your product launch email series:

#1. Survey email 

Do you know what your target audience wants and needs? Make sure by sending out a survey email long before you ever launch a new product. This is a good email to get a feel for whether you’re on the right track. 

When you send this email, make sure to use language that reminds your audience their opinion is valued; Fast Company used a survey email to tell their community members how important their insights were. Wrap up – as Fast Company did here – by reminding your readers that taking the survey creates a win-win for you both.

Subject line: Please take our survey

survey email example

#2. Opt-in

You want as many people as possible to be part of your new product launch, so a few weeks before the launch you can offer an opt-in deal. If your product or service has a premium option, encourage your readers to sign up for it. Explain that this is how they can stay up-to-date on all the exciting stuff you’re doing, staying in-the-know before the general public — and then make good on that promise by giving them a sneak peek at your new product.

Subject line: You are invited

special offer email example

#3. Mysterious email

One of the best ways to get people interested in something is to act mysterious about it — after all, curiosity killed the cat. Use an email builder to craft a cryptic email, teasing that something big is in the works (i.e. your new product) but not yet divulging exactly what that is.

If you’re planning to send more emails in your product launch email series, send this mysterious email a couple of weeks prior to launch. Otherwise, you can send this email whenever you want — beauty brand Kypris sent this mysterious teaser email just one day before a new product launch:

Subject line: Something BIG is coming… ✨

mysterious email to tease product launch

#4. Preorder

About a week out from launch day, consider sending a preorder or early-bird-access email so your loyal customers can get a jump start on their shopping. Of course, sending a preorder email means you’ll need to announce what your new product is before launch day — and that’s completely fine, as long as you save some of the juicy details to create more hype (go with “we’re making a better alarm clock” instead of “we’re making an alarm clock with a radio, nightlight, and water feature.”)

What does a good preorder email look like? A good email should generate excitement about the product, using sensational language to explain the product’s features and benefits. It might even offer your readers a special discount code. That’s what Food52 did here:

Subject line: 🔥 Our next Five Two launch is here!

preorder email example

#5. Product launch

It’s launch day, and that means it’s time to send a great product launch email! If you sent a preorder email, your product launch message will be similar — again, the goal is to generate a sense of excitement around the product. Remember when you kept a lid on some of the details in your pre-order email? Now is the time to pull out all the stops and really explain what makes your product shine: How is it different (and better) than comparable products? Include high-quality photos, too, at the top of the email and in the body copy. 

You might also consider doing a giveaway; here, Ipanema offered free shipping for its new, summery flip-flops. You can also just include a very visible CTA button that pops.

Subject line: New FRUTAS just dropped!

product launch email example

#6. Follow-up email

A few days after the initial project launch, don’t forget to send a follow-up email. You have several options here: You can ask for happy customers to leave reviews on your website or a third-party platform. You could solicit user-generated content, asking for photos of people using the product. Or you can find a fresh angle to explain how great your product is. Even after launch, you can ride some of the excitement your campaign has generated to stay on readers’ minds.

Wrap-up: Create a conversation

Your product launch isn’t just about creating conversions. Use your launch email series as a starting point to cultivate a sustained conversation that you can continue long after your launch is over. By crafting your series of emails thoughtfully, you’ll be able to get your customers excited and communicate your brand value.

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