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6 Cyber Monday Email Ideas to Improve Your Sales

6 Cyber Monday Email Ideas to Improve Your Sales

For us #emailgeeks, the Thanksgiving season is about a lot more than turkey and stuffing. Preparations for Black Friday go hand-in-hand with those for Cyber Monday. In fact, we’re big advocates for crafting a unified, on-brand holiday campaign that extends all the way from now until the end of the year! In case you’re still brainstorming for your holiday email marketing campaigns, we’ve gathered some inspiring Cyber Monday email examples to spark your imagination!

Why Cyber Monday?

The term “Cyber Monday” came into play in 2005. The National Retail Federation had noticed an increase in online revenue on the Monday after Thanksgiving — most likely people doing Christmas shopping online at work where their kids couldn’t take a peek — and decided to coin the phrase and take advantage of the spike in sales. 

Now Cyber Monday is a well-established event that consumers make a point not to miss. Over 174 million Americans shop over the post-Thanksgiving weekend, spending an average of $335 each. And revenue on Cyber Monday is even bigger than Black Friday.

Cyber Monday is a can’t-miss chance, and email is the perfect channel to reach shoppers. Here are six well-done Cyber Monday email examples that can help boost your sales.

#1. Make it exclusive

Consider opening the proverbial doors early by offering a Cyber Monday discount code on Sunday, portraying the early access as an exclusive perk. When you create a sense of exclusivity around a sale, it makes the demand go up and encourages consumers to make snap decisions to get a product before it’s gone. Gap did that here by sending an early Cyber Monday code (applicable online and in stores) on Sunday morning.

Subject line: We’re giving you code CYBER early (hint: open quick!)

cyber monday email example

#2. Have a strong CTA

Your CTA is a big part of what hooks people into clicking “Buy,” so make it visible, unique, and as tempting as possible. Here, Sperry includes customized CTA buttons to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for. Something else this email does right: Under the CTA, there are several product spotlights, so you can see exactly what you’ll be offered before you visit the website.

Subject line: Today Only Free $20 e-gift card, $30 off custom boots + up to 50% off 275+ styles.

cyber monday sales email

#3. Create an inspiring design

The North Face created a visually striking Cyber Monday email that works for several reasons: It’s simple, with one primary image and basic black lettering. It’s strategic, with links to the men’s and women’s product pages right up top. And most of all, it’s inspiring — the stunning visual helps you imagine yourself climbing up that ice wall wearing North Face gear. Similarly, you can design your own Cyber Monday email with beautiful images that are hard to resist.

Subject line: Cyber Monday sale starts NOW

cyber monday email

#4. Play up the holiday angle

Many Cyber Monday shoppers aren’t shopping for themselves — they’re doing Christmas shopping. Minted is a good example of a brand that understands this and leans into the holiday angle. Their email is designed using Christmassy reds and golds, and it points out that by shopping on their website, you can find gifts for everyone on your list. Like Minted, play up the holiday angle to get more sales.

Subject line: Everyone’s favorite Monday: Cyber Monday starts now!

cyber monday sale email with Christmas colors

#5. Offer free shipping

Many Cyber Monday emails advertise their free shipping first, announcing it at the top of the email before continuing on to explain the rest of the deal. Sometimes, free shipping is the equivalent of a 15% or 20% discount, so it can pay off big time for shoppers with a lot to buy — 84 percent of orders shipped for free last year. Consider taking the same approach as TJ Maxx and designing your Cyber Monday email so that your free shipping offer is highly visible.

Subject line: Cyber Monday treat: FREE shipping!

cyber monday free shipping email

#6. Craft good copy

Skillshare’s Cyber Monday email did a great job with its copy by skillfully addressing the reader’s pain points in just a few words, promising to make next year “your most productive and creative year yet.” Skillshare also has one of the best Cyber Monday subject lines, reminding customers that their deal is only available for so long.

Subject line: 24 hours only: Get our best deal of the year

cyber monday email subject lines

Wrap-up: Cyber Monday emails

The holidays are coming up fast, so start designing emails using our Cyber Monday email templates now. If you’re short on time, use BEE’s minimalistic Cyber Monday template (created by designer Jesus Albsuac):

You can also use the Cyber Monday promo template (created by designer Andrea Dall’Ara). These customizable, drag-and-drop email templates are great for a post-Thanksgiving product promotion and are easy to fill in with your own text, images, and graphics. Let BEE help your conversion rates rise this Cyber Monday! 

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