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6 Chic Fashion Emails That Win Conversions

6 Chic Fashion Emails That Win Conversions

The fall is jam-packed with fashion events, from NY Fashion Week on Sept. 6 all the way to Paris Fashion Week on September 25th. In honor of the multiple fashion events happening worldwide, we’re getting chic with some email design inspiration from top fashion brands so you can brainstorm the best ways to promote your own fashion company. Here are six of the best fashion emails we found, plus a few tips and some email templates to help you create your own fashionable emails. 

#1. Highlight current events like Gilt

Cool colors and a Parisian-inspired collage are showcased in this email from Gilt, an e-commerce company that sent a Fashion Week Dispatch each week throughout the month of September. Gilt used the fashion events happening around the globe as a springboard, highlighting the best designers from each fashion week and pointing out that you can shop those same names on Gilt’s website. When it comes to fashion email marketing — or any type of marketing — it’s always effective to create a connection with what your customers see trending see on TV or social media, tying in your brand with the big names.

Subject line: Inside: Your passport to Paris

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#2. Find a creative angle like Essie

Essie isn’t exactly a fashion brand — the company focuses on nail color. But this email still found a creative angle on Fashion Week, highlighting nail colors worn by designers and linking to the same nail polish on Essie’s website. The email is simple, but plays with color in a big way. This fashion email demonstrates how you can think outside the box and find a way to advertise your brand by making a connection with current events, even if you don’t think it’s a fit at first glance.

Subject line: fashion week nail art is always our favorite…

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#3. Mention big names like Monica Vinader

Fashion journalist Caroline Issa recently partnered with brand Monica Vinader to create an exclusive line of jewelry, and Monica Vinader sent a fashion email promoting the line that’s just as stylish as Issa herself. The email utilizes soft pastel images and video clips to showcase the pieces, including quotes from Issa and a few lines of copy to back up the images. Influencer marketing is a concept that’s popular on social media and can actually carry over to email marketing, too; mentioning a well-known industry name can draw more people to click and read your emails.

Subject line: Style icon Caroline Issa’s guide to Fashion Week

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#4. Offer free content like Pantone 

You don’t have to make a hard sell every time you email your subscribers. In fact, it’s better not to. Here, Pantone offered a fascinating free report to its email list that detailed the most important color trends seen at London Fashion Week. Sending free content is a great way to engage your audience. And, like Pantone did, sending just one article instead of listing multiple stories is another effective fashion newsletter tactic; it’s less overwhelming and far more accessible.

Subject line: See the top Pantone colors for London Fashion Week

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#5. Optimize your copy like Bumble

There are a lot of good things about this Bumble email, but the copy is what especially jumps out. After all, who doesn’t want “off-duty model vibes?” Advertising a Real-Life Runway Kit, Bumble promises the products will make you look as if you’re straight off the runway — and after a full month of watching models walk runways around the world, that’s probably just what this hair care company’s customers want to hear. Give your fashion emails a makeover by using clever language that fits the industry.

Subject line: EXCLUSIVE: Fashion Week sets are here

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#6. Embrace seasons like Moda Operandi

Moda Operandi’s recent email advertising fall coats is a great example of a seasonal fashion email, using a background shade of burnt orange to complement the brown coats. Best of all, the company includes a second section in the email that lists the most affordable pieces from Fashion Month, effectively whittling down the popular choices for people who might not want to spend thousands of dollars on their wardrobe.

What’s the main takeaway here? First, seasonal fashion emails are always a hit — and since fashion is all about seasons, it’s easy to design this type of newsletter. And finally, make sure you know your target audience so you can offer content that’s relevant to them, such as Fashion Week options for cheap.

Subject line: It’s time to buy your new hero coat 

seasonal fashion email

Fashion Newsletter Templates

BEE has several ready-made templates that you can use in your fashion email marketing. First up is Fashion Collection X, created by designer Matteo Della Chiesa: a template that’s ideal for a product launch. This elegant email has space for you to feature multiple new products in addition to any new accessories you’re promoting. It’s easy to customize in just about every way through BEE’s email editor (if you need a free trial of BEE Pro, get one here) and is a great choice for your next fashion email.

BEE has other templates that are ideal for fashion brands, too. Try the Online Fashion Store template to showcase your latest e-commerce arrivals plus any upcoming discount codes. If you curate fashion-related articles to send to your subscribers, check out the Fashion Zine template, while in-person events can be promoted with the Eventus template.

Fashion Weeks around the world might be over, but your fashion email marketing is just getting started. Use these examples and templates to become one of the fashion brands with the best email marketing! 

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