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50 Black Friday Email Subject Lines to Boost Sales

50 Black Friday Email Subject Lines to Boost Sales

Black Friday is a massive shopping event that causes consumers to scramble to find the best sales from their favorite retailers. Black Friday is considered “the” season to achieve maximum holiday savings, with a staggering $9.12 billion coming from online sales alone in 2022. This is a 2.3% increase in sales from 2021. 

With 116.5 million emails sent during Black Friday, it is clear that email marketing plays an essential role in alerting customers of high-value deals and generating excitement for brands and their consumers. However, the mere volume of emails brings us to the biggest hurdle email marketers will experience: getting their emails to stand out in a crowded inbox and getting them open.

While we know you’re tired of hearing it, it is important to say that the success of an open email lies with a subject line. In fact, statistics show that 64% of people will decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line. Let’s get started!

Key Elements for Eye-Catching Black Friday Sale Email Subject Lines

The average open rate on Black Friday is 12%, which is quite a bit lower than the ongoing daily average of 21.5% across all industries. These statistics show why following tried and true subject line best practices is critical to ensure your email is opened on what is deemed the craziest email day of the year.

Some elements to consider when writing catchy Black Friday email subject lines are:

  • Brevity: Short and punchy subject lines are easy to digest. To stay “mobile-friendly,” keep them under 10 words (or 30 characters). 
  • Urgency: Phrases like “Last chance!” or “Ends tonight!” cause readers to open the email and take immediate action.
  • Offers: Highlight the value in your subject line, such as “50% off” or “free shipping.”
  • Personalization: Subject lines personalized with names, products of interest, or other tailored content can drive opens.

High-Converting Words for Your Black Friday Email Subject Lines

Yes, subject lines must be kept short due to their character limit, but it goes beyond that. With only having 8 seconds to attract your reader, every word counts. Here are some high-converting words to attract and encourage an email opens:

  • Best sale of the year 
  • Unbelievable deals
  • VIP access
  • Special offer 
  • X # of Savings 
  • Today ONLY
  • Last chance

Most Effective Types of Black Friday Email Subject Lines

There are many approaches to creating the best Black Friday email that you can take. Each is designed to entice the readers to open for different reasons. Here are five popular types of Black Friday subject lines:

  • Teaser 
  • Announcement 
  • Percentage discount 
  • Exclusive access 
  • Limited-time offer 

50 Example fo the Best Black Friday Email Subject Lines

Now that we’ve explored what makes up a great Black Friday email subject line, let’s see some examples of theory in practice. We also share some of our favorite Beefree Black Friday templates and pair them with a unique subject line for you to steal 😉

Although some of the templates may appear industry-specific, all of our templates are completely customizable to fit your needs, branding, and maximize sales.


Stir curiosity without revealing the punch line using a teaser subject line. A good teaser will hint at a secret, something exciting, or special savings to entice the reader to open the email.

  1. Psst… Black Friday is Coming!
  2. Your Early Access to Black Friday.
  3. Huge Black Friday Savings Ahead!
  4. Exclusive Black Friday Offers Are Coming
  5. Your Special Offer is Inside!
  6. Guess How Much Will You Save
  7. Can You Keep a Secret?
  8. Be the First to Know How to Save Big
  9. Early Bird Catches the Deal!
  10. What’s blue and will save you green?

Teaser email in the wild: 

Pair this Black Friday gaming template with the subject line “Deals you’ve dreamed of & more.” A subject line like this pairs well with the header “This Is What You Were Waiting For” and acknowledges that the reader knew a deal was coming up soon but doesn’t give too much into what the deals are – just that they go beyond expectations.


Unveil new products or sales using an announcement subject line. Announcements generate excitement for something new or to celebrate; loyal customers will want to join the party.

  1. Our Biggest Sale of the Year is Here!
  2. Deals on Your Favorite Items
  3. Black Friday Sales Start Now!
  4. Black Friday Early Specials Are Live!
  5. Black Friday Starts Today!
  6. Black Friday Deals Start at Midnight!
  7. Sales Too Good to Resist
  8. The Savings You’ve Been Waiting For
  9. Black Friday Mega-Sale!
  10. Our Lowest Prices Ever!

Announcement email in action:

Can you imagine if Apple launched its latest technology during Black Friday at a discounted price? It’s safe to say that the lines would quadruple in size.  Use this Black Friday electronic launch email template with the subject line “New products just in time for the holidays” to maximize sales and incentivize consumers to buy now vs. later.

Percentage Discounts

Highlight the deal specifics to entice readers to open your email. On Black Friday especially, the deal is king and what’s at the top of the reader’s mind.

  1. 50% Off Everything!
  2. Black Friday: Up to 70% Off!
  3. Score Big: 50% Off Everything!
  4. Save This: 60% Off for Black Friday Only!
  5. Deals Galore: Get 50% Off Site-Wide!
  6. Ready, Set, Save: Up to 70% Off!
  7. Pre-Black Friday Savings Up to 50%
  8. Our Biggest Sale Yet: 50% Off
  9. Shop More With Deals Up to 80% Off!
  10. Black Friday 70% Super Savings!

Black Friday Discounts for everyone: 

Don’t only tell your customers what the discount is, but show them what they can get with it! P.S. This is a great way to use personalization and dynamic content. I mean, think about the impact an “abandoned cart” email can have when you offer an extra discount on top.

The following email template showcases the discounts and eligible products, allowing consumers to maximize savings and stock up on their favorite items! Pair it with ” (name) your favs are 75% off ” for a personalized feel.

Exclusive Access

Give your subscribers the feeling of specialness by inviting them to be a VIP! With exclusive access, early savings, and VIP sales, your recipients will want to see what perks they get for being loyal customers.

  1. Exclusive VIP Black Friday Pre-Sale
  2. Private Access to Black Friday Deals
  3. Exclusive Early Bird Deals
  4. Members Only: Deals You Won’t Believe
  5. Get a Head Start on Black Friday
  6. Your VIP Pass is Here: Shop Now
  7. Black Friday Savings Just for You
  8. Top Secret Black Friday Sales
  9. For Your Eyes Only: Black Friday Sales
  10. Black Friday Priority Access!

Exclusivity offers for the win:

Further evoke the feeling of “exclusiveness” by sharing Black Friday emails pre-Black Friday. In the email above, the “save the date” subheading shares the sentiment that the reader has been invited and is the “first to know” about the sale before it goes live. This also gives readers peace of mind by allowing them to search for their items ahead of time and not have to rush on the day of. This email template, along with the subject line “You’re invited to indulge,” will do the trick.

Limited Time Offer

Drive your readers to take immediate action with time-restricted deals they won’t want to miss out on. When you put a clock to your offer, you inspire a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), and no one wants to be left out of a good deal!

  1.  Black Friday Sale Ends at Midnight!
  2. Say Bye to Black Friday Deals!
  3. Only 12 Hours Left to Score!
  4. These Black Friday Deals Won’t Last!
  5. Hurry, Black Friday Ends in 3…2…1…
  6. Today Only: Black Friday Discounts
  7. Final Hours to Save on Black Friday Deals!
  8. Last Call on Black Friday!
  9. Last Chance to Save!
  10. Tick Tock!

Time is ticking: 

Urgency is the name of the game during Black Friday. Everyone knows that BF offers are usually limited to once a year. Providing gentle reminders to your audience that the sale is ending helps them make more informed decisions. In the e-commerce email template below, the brand reminds the consumer that the sale ends at midnight with a bold header that’s hard to miss. Use the subject line, “And the countdown begins,” to further remind your audience of the deal expiration date.

Increase Black Friday Conversions with Eye-Catching Email Designs

Don’t let time be the barrier between you and the opportunity to maximize sales on Black Friday. With Beefree, it’s never too late to start planning your campaigns. Browse from our thousands of free templates and transform them into compelling emails that entice action. With these subject line tips and our easy-to-use design tool, you’ll be well on your way to driving record-breaking sales this Black Friday.

Happy designing!

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