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5 Inspiring International Women’s Day Emails

5 Inspiring International Women’s Day Emails

Originally published on Feb 19, 2020. Last updated March 7, 2022.

International Women’s Day happens every year on March 8. Gender equality is an ongoing struggle that touches the lives of women and their families everywhere. This holiday is a chance to acknowledge the women in your community and be part of a global conversation that matters to your audience. If you’re considering sending an International Women’s Day email, you should make sure it’s thoughtful and will resonate with your readers. We’ve gathered some examples from brands that have done it right:

Gender equality is an ongoing struggle that touches the lives of women and their families everywhere. Click To Tweet

Tell a story like Bumble and Bumble

Storytelling may be the most essential way we connect with each other. And that’s true for brands as well as individuals.  In this example, Bumble and Bumble did this by spotlighting a few of its employees. You could also take a slightly different approach by soliciting user-generated content from your customers, asking them to share how they use your product to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Subject line: Celebrate International Women’s Day 

international women's day email

Keep it simple like Memebox

We’re slightly obsessed with this pink-and-white Memebox email. The graphic ferns and flowers around the edge make the perfect frame for the message. The copy is clever: “Let’s get ship done.” Create a similarly simple but beautiful email to showcase your products this International Women’s Day.

Subject line: Celebrate International Women’s Day with free shipping

international women's day email example

Be both strong and feminine like Loft

The pastel color scheme and graphic flowers on this Loft email give it a feminine feel, but the strong font keeps the overall design from being overwhelmingly sweet. In terms of strategy, Loft cross-promotes its Instagram content and chooses a cause to support. Being clear on what you support, whether it’s a holiday or a cause, increases brand loyalty; 84% of consumers are more likely to support a brand whose values align with theirs.

Subject line: Celebrating women (today and every day)

international women's day email design

Share content and products like J. Crew

This sleek black-and-white J. Crew email shares an inspiring piece of video content before getting into the products the company has to offer. Your Women’s Day email is a great place to highlight relevant products — the apparel, gifts or other items that support the cause.

Subject line: Celebrate International Women’s Day with us… 

women's day email

Promote action like Lululemon

As Lululemon points out, gender equality isn’t just important one day of the year. Encourage your readers to keep pushing for equal opportunities year-round. And like Lululemon, you can also create content that gives your readers actionable ways to do this. The links in the Lululemon email take the reader to a landing page with a podcast and a list of 364 ways to make a difference.

Subject line: How will you spend the other 364?

international women's day email template

Wrap-up: Create your own International Women’s Day email

Ready to design your own email? We have the perfect International Women’s Day email template, designed by Galina Grahovska.

We also made a  Women’s Day email template that’s meant for fundraising events specifically. This template was designed by Martin Nikolchev.

Use these International Women’s Day email templates – along with all this design inspiration – to celebrate and encourage women all year round!

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