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5 Engaging Newsletter Templates That Will Hit Your Inbox in 2020

5 Engaging Newsletter Templates That Will Hit Your Inbox in 2020

Ready or not, the new year has arrived — and that means it’s time to get on board with the email marketing trends of 2020. This year’s trends are all about connecting with your customers, and finding newsletter templates to match the trends will help you stay ahead of the game. Today, we’re going to break down why you need an email newsletter if you don’t have one already, and we’ll also discuss what features should go into the best newsletter templates. Let’s get started!

Email Newsletter Benefits

An email newsletter can benefit your business in many ways. This type of content is very flexible, meaning you can use it to reach any number of goals — such as getting people to purchase a product, increasing your brand awareness, or establishing your brand as an expert in your industry.

By consistently sending email newsletters, you can stay at the front of your customers’ minds. It’s easy to schedule newsletters in advance, and they’re a fairly inexpensive marketing method. Plus, with tools such as the BEE editor’s free newsletter templates, email newsletters are easy to create.

What to Look for in a Newsletter Template

A good newsletter template will have well-designed, on-brand graphics that entice people to read. Most people remember only 10% of written content three days after reading it, but they remember 65% of visual content — so pick a newsletter template that highlights visuals.

And don’t overlook the written content! Your subject line, CTA, and any body text in the email all come into play here. Either pick a template with text that’s concise and punchy or make sure to craft your own language that your audience will relate to. 

A template for an email newsletter should also be customizable and allow you to add and move content to keep it relevant to your readers.

2019 Email Newsletter Trends

Thousands of newsletters hit our inbox in 2019, and sifting through them makes for a crash course in what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to email newsletters. Here are a few of the best newsletters of 2019. These emails utilized ideas that will continue to be relevant in 2020.


Personalized content is becoming more and more popular as AI continues to evolve, helping you tailor your email newsletters to each individual customer. Now, sophisticated AI technologies can help your emails go far beyond simply including someone’s name in the subject line — you can also offer personalized recommendations of products to purchase or articles to read. (Learn more about AI and personalized content in our post on the top email design trends of 2020.)

Subject line: Kelly, new inspiration for you: December 11, 2019

email newsletter


Interactive email content can increase your click-to-open rate by 73%. That’s a lot!

In this email, Credo Beauty not only asks readers to take a survey, but also offers a quiz or the option to chat with an expert. Quizzes are hugely popular — just look at Buzzfeed, where 96% of users who start a quiz finish it. And chat marketing can pay big dividends for your business, too.

Subject line: Take our survey and be entered to win

newsletter template

Live Content

Live content includes countdown timers, your current best selling products, real-time weather information, and more — and it’s an awesome way to provide relevant information to your readers. 

Subject line: Final countdown! Sale ends tonight!

email countdown timer

2020 Newsletter Templates

Keep these up-and-coming themes in mind as you customize your own newsletter templates in 2020. Here are a few we think are perfectly on-trend:

Charity Newsletter Template

Need a template newsletter for your charity? BEE has you covered. This sleek and modern nonprofit email template (created by the BEE team) utilizes a clean blue-and-white design to help you share all the news about what’s going on with your charity, and of course it can be adopted for other types of organizations and businesses as well!

Travel Guide

Available to all BEE users, this travel guide newsletter template was created by the BEE team to help travel brands reach their subscribers in an elegant way. Fill in your own text and images to give your email list a case of wanderlust. 

Lifestyle Blogger Newsletter Template

BEE has a range of templates created for every type of business and even includes templates geared for influencers, like lifestyle bloggers. Use this pretty pastel template, designed by the BEE team and only available with BEE Pro, to share your latest blog post with readers.

Fashion Zine

Looking for a clean, minimalistic template that can showcase your latest products? Check out the BEE team’s free fashion zine template to promote your e-commerce deals.

Survey Newsletter Template

Incorporate some interactive content by using this survey template made by the BEE team. With sections to ask survey questions and include supplemental information, this customizable template is ready for you to edit and send.

Wrap-Up: Newsletter Templates for the New Year

2020 is coming in hot, but with these trends and strategies in your arsenal, you’ll be ready to take on the new year in style. Use BEE’s customizable templates for email newsletters to help your business boom in 2020. Happy New Year!

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