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5 E-commerce Re-engagement Emails to Win Back Your Customers

5 E-commerce Re-engagement Emails to Win Back Your Customers

Did you know that more than 66% of addresses on marketers’ email lists are inactive? And for e-commerce businesses, those unopened emails mean fewer conversions and ultimately fewer sales. According to Hubspot, email lists on average lose about 25% of active contacts each year. That spells out a huge missed opportunity, as repeat customers are nine times more likely to make purchases compared to new ones. But not to fear! With steady re-engagement email marketing efforts, you can win back inactive subscribers.

5 great examples of e-commerce re-engagement emails

There are a number of tried and true re-engagement email tactics to create urgency and ignite interest for your audience. Here, we’ve dug up a few examples of e-commerce re-engagement emails that do an excellent job of winning back old customers!

1. Create urgency with a coupon offer end date

While many re-engagement emails offer coupon discounts, this Crate&Barrel email amps up the pressure by offering a deal with an expiration date.

Subject: Because we miss you! Here’s 15% off.


e-commerce re-engagement email from crate & barrel

2. Don’t push too hard

OleHenriksen uses this re-engagement email to connect with customers and remind them of the brand’s value without being pushy. By giving readers an easy way to automatically opt out, the brand is telegraphing that it’s definitely not needy, while reminding customers why they may want to stay around.

Subject: Not to be clingy, but…


email to re-engage inactive customers from ole henriksen

And don’t forget their adorable GIF.

e-commerce re-engagement GIF

3. Get creative with communication

Good copywriting and fun, creative visuals go a long way toward attracting customers. In this email, Lumosity recreates the intimacy of texting with a GIF that is definitely engaging! The fabulous GIF is partnered with an eye-catching welcome-back offer that will definitely lead to conversions.

Subject: You can come back for free

re-engagement texting GIF

We’re in love with this image in its complete form as a GIF.

e-commerce re-engagement GIF

4. Create in-person engagement

Reminding customers of a rewards or loyalty program can definitely spark their interest, but getting them to come visit in-person strengthens the brand relationship even more. Here Paper Source is reminding its customers of all that its store locations have to offer, while also targeting its rewards program offer to in-store transactions.

Subject: There’s Still Time!


re-engagement offer email

5. Offer a timely gift

This re-engagement email from The Tie Bar came just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. By offering a four-leaf clover with every purchase, the brand boosts urgency and capitalizes on customers’ positive associations with the holiday.

Subject: We Miss You! Here’s A Free Gift 

free giveaway re-engagement email


Ready to build some e-commerce re-engagement emails of your own? Start with one of BEE’s e-commerce email templates, which can be customized with your logo and brand visuals in just a few minutes. Edit and alter design elements however you like, and even export your message to Mailchimp. Happy designing!

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