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5 Best New Product Launch Landing Page Examples For Your Business

5 Best New Product Launch Landing Page Examples For Your Business

If you have a new product launching soon, it’s time to start designing your landing page now. A conversion-oriented landing page is key to helping your next product launch succeed — increasing lead generation and improving your brand visibility and trust. Today we’re breaking down what your product launch landing page should look like and dissecting some examples from real-life brands. Let’s get started:

What’s a product launch landing page?

What makes a new product launch landing page different from any other page on your website? A product launch landing page is specifically focused on a new product you’re introducing. This landing page is designed to get viewers excited about the launch by sharing information about your new product. Ideally, of course, the page will also entice them to make a purchase.

Product launch landing pages should be designed with conversions in mind. Every element of the landing page needs to communicate the benefits of your product— and once you’ve sufficiently drummed up the excitement, you should lead visitors straight into making a purchase.

Product launch landing pages should be designed with conversions in mind. Communicate the benefits of your product and lead visitors straight into making a purchase. Click To Tweet

Here are some real-life examples to help inspire you as you think about new product launch landing page design.


Madewell promotes its new Summerweight Denim with a landing page composed of a helpful infographic where visitors can get to know the product. The page introduces the company’s new type of denim with a descriptive line of copy and an image. Next you see four compelling facts about the product, each one accompanied by a doodled icon to add a fun visual touch. Further down, you can shop all products made out of Madewell’s new type of denim.

new product launch landing pages

This new product landing page offers both fun visuals and detailed information on what makes this product so useful. By explaining just how these jeans will solve a universal problem, while maintaining strong visual branding, Madewell sets its audience up to be ready to convert.

Dove x Target

Dove recently partnered with Target to share a brand new Dove Kids collection, and this landing page designed for the new collection does a great job. Page visitors are greeted with a lineup of the new products, including a fun illustrated background that’s perfect for kids:

new product landing page design

When you scroll down, you’re able to choose from one of four CTA’s to shop the collection, or you can continue reading.

example of product launch landing page

Near the bottom of the page, Dove shares more information about how the product is made, backing up its compelling visuals with clear facts and value messaging. The landing page also encourages parents to incorporate self-care activities into their kids’ daily routines.

good new product landing pages

This product launch landing page does a lot of things right. Dove uses casual, informative language to talk about the choices behind the new products. And the soft colors and fun doodles sprinkled throughout the page are perfect for an audience of parents and young kids.

The Lip Bar

When The Lip Bar introduced a new Caffeine Concealer, the company created a simple yet effective new product landing page. This landing page is broken down into three components. First up, the company introduces the new product that’s “for every shade of you:”

new product launch landing pages

Second, you see a video demonstrating the concealer in action:

landing page for new product

And third, The Lip Bar added a quick-hit section that presents the benefits of this product in a bulleted list:

product launch

This focus on visual proof of the product’s value is extremely effective for audience members who aren’t already familiar with a product. And in the case of a new product launch, that’s everyone! The text focusing on product benefits neatly backs up this visual messaging with the kind of meaningful detail that convinces consumers to click ‘buy now.’

The page also provides further visual proof with a “Shadefinder” product where visitors can mouse over concealer options for several complexions and view each one on a model. There are also two YouTube videos at the bottom of the page that teach viewers how to apply concealer.

Our only criticism of this effective landing page: We wish the images at the top were clickable so visitors didn’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom to shop.

Moda Operandi

Luxury fashion retailer Moda Operandi shared a good new product landing page to introduce its new spring collection. The landing page evokes a springtime feel, with pastel colors and delicate, on-brand fonts. Once you’ve taken in the header, you can scroll down to shop individual products.

product launch landing page example for brand

This product launch landing page is simple, but includes all the information you need to know to get you excited to shop. The images that bookend the text are also a great addition to the page — visuals go a long way when introducing your new product or collection.

Sweaty Betty

Wondering what to consider when launching a new product? Take a look at this product launch landing page for Sweaty Betty’s new hiking collection that has it all. The copy at the top of the page includes a nod to the fact that more people than ever are getting outdoors for a walk. After a brief line of copy, you can jump straight into shopping the collection. Finally, a sidebar allows you to shop by product to easily categorize your results.

new product page

This approach is ideal for any brand that wants to get people shopping right away, especially if the product images can speak for themselves. While other, less-known brands may have something to prove first (as is the case above with The Lip Bar), Sweaty Betty’s designer is focusing less on overtly convincing viewers of the brand’s value. With the minimal font, many viewers won’t even read the text before scrolling directly through the product images and — the designer is hoping — clicking ‘add to cart.’

Wrap-up: New product landing page design

Product launches are stressful. Your landing page design shouldn’t add to the chaos. Use our premade product launch landing page templates to save yourself time and headaches. With these templates and BEE’s drag-and-drop interface, it’s easy and fast to design the new product landing page of your dreams.

When you do that, consider taking some lessons from the landing pages featured here. First and foremost, consider your audience. Once you consider their needs and their relationship with and expectations of your brand, you’ll be in a position to shape visual and value messaging that will lead to conversions. Happy designing!

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