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7 New BEE Features That Will Change Email Design

7 New BEE Features That Will Change Email Design

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! We’ve rounded up the latest and greatest BEE features right here. Our goal is to be the Best Email Editor around, and we are constantly striving to make email design better and easier for you. Check out the seven latest features in the editor below.

Roles and Permissions

BEE Pro users can now assign an access level for each collaborator. This means you can control what a team member can or cannot do in BEE.

Here’s a summary of the roles that can be assigned:

  • Owner. A special Admin user that can manage the BEE Pro subscription. This is the only user who can purchase items (upgrade plan, add users, activate a connector, etc.).
  • Admin. Has access to all the features and can create and manage brands in an Agency plan. Usually, this person is in charge of overall team management.
  • Manager. Has all the capabilities to manage the message creation workflow inside a brand, including template management and content locking. Cannot create a brand or decide who has access to it.
  • Editor. Has the capability to create, edit, and export messages.
  • Contributor. Has the ability to contribute sporadically to content editing (e.g., text optimization).

Read more about Roles and Permissions here.

Video Content Block

Video content blocks in email typically consist of a static image from the video with a play button/icon overlay. An image like this is usually created separately, then dropped into an email template. But BEE has made the process even easier. The new video content block feature automatically generates a static image of your video and allows you to customize the play button that appears. All you need to do is drop in a video link. It’s like magic! Get the scoop in our tutorial.

Save messages as templates

Did you just design a beautiful email that you want to reuse again in the future? This new BEE feature lets you quickly turn a message into a template. Simply drag your email into the “My Templates” folder and you’ll be able to access it again later.

Change your account email 

If you signed up for a BEE account with one email address but want to change it to another one, now you can. We had a lot of support tickets asking for this capability! We’re happy to say you can now go ahead and change away!

Content Dialog

As you design an email in the BEE editor, there are probably many times when you insert a merge tag, add a link to an image, or apply a conditional statement. That all works fine, unless…

  • What if you have 400 merge tags? You can feed an array of merge tags to the editor, but that’s not going to cut it.
  • What if it’s a 6,000 product database? How will they locate the right one? Special Links is not the right fit.
  • And what if a display condition needs to be built on-the-fly?

A new feature called Content Dialog offers a flexible solution. If you want to insert a merge tag or a display condition, you can now control exactly how that will happen. Read about the new feature here.

Multi-file upload

You can now quickly and efficiently upload multiple files in the file manager! Your email will be beautifully finished in no time. Shazaam!

Height adjustments for dividers

Want better control of how much padding and white space you create between content blocks in your email? Now you can adjust the height for dividers to better control those empty spaces in your message design.

What do you think of these new features? Which ones are you excited about? And which features are on your wish list?

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