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13 Valentine’s Day Email Templates for Your 2022 Campaign

13 Valentine’s Day Email Templates for Your 2022 Campaign

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this romantic holiday holds a lot of opportunity for marketers. Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day email templates to help you spread some love to your customers’ inboxes. They’re all easily editable with our friendly email builder. And if you need some ideas on how to put those templates to use, read on below. We collected a bunch of good Valentine’s Day email ideas to give you a little inspiration as you plan your own campaign.

13 Valentine's Day email templates

Some of our favorite Valentine’s Day email templates

Among our favorite templates, Restaurant Discount and Perfumery Valentine (designed by Andrea Dall’Ara), because they offer a colorful and festive way to promote your brand on February 14th. Aside from the templates’ stellar design, the BEE email editor’s drag-and-drop capabilities and flexible customization options make it a breeze to easily design promotional emails.

First up is the Restaurant Discount template. Ideal for any company that has a Valentine’s event to promote (especially food and beverage companies), this template utilizes a clean pink-and-white design with some creative and beautiful fonts. Use this template to invite your customers to reserve a spot.


If you’re in the e-commerce space, you may prefer the Perfumery Valentine template available for free to all BEE users. This bright pink template lets you send your email list a “gift from the heart,” with a section to highlight a few key products and to insert a link to your full product catalog:


For a personal note, the My Love template designed by Gaia Zuccaro can’t be beat. Pretty and pastel, this email template is 100% free and features a cute doodle of a heart that’s ready to brighten someone’s day. This template works well for promoting an event or simply sending a heartfelt, seasonal note.


Our top Valentine’s Day email design tips

Now that you have some templates in hand, we’ve gathered some Valentine’s Day email design tips to help you spread the love far and wide this V-Day.

Tip #1: Timing is everything

Timing is everything for your Valentine’s Day email campaigns. Send your first Valentine’s email a couple of weeks before the holiday, to raise awareness and anticipation. Then, follow up with more personalized emails as the holiday approaches. Right before Valentine’s, segment your list to target people who have viewed products but haven’t purchased them, using your subject line and text to create a sense of urgency: Last chance!

Subject line: Last minute Valentine shopping? We’re open late!

valentine's day email ideas

Tip #2: Cater to everyone

Not everyone is in a relationship — so instead of gearing your Valentine’s email marketing solely toward couples, target singles too. People buy gifts for their friends, family, pets, or even themselves around Valentine’s Day; think more broadly than just romantic relationships as you craft your emails. Sending a gift guide with suggested products, like The Getty Store did here (with a bonus discount), can help your customer “find something they’ll love” no matter who “they” are.

Subject line: 25 percent off Valentine Gift Guide 

valentine's day email

Tip #3: Valentine’s Day email subject lines

Use heart emojis in your Valentine’s email subject lines to make your emails stand out; 56% of brands that use emojis in subject lines see a higher conversion rate. Puns like the one Petco uses here are always a fun choice, too. 

valentine's day subject lines

Tip #4: Choose complementary colors 

Warm colors, like different shades of red and pink, are ideal for Valentine’s. But don’t overdo it — and make sure you’re not straying away from your company’s branding. Take a hint from Jacq’S: This brand used an appealing and neutral olive green, then added a few pink hearts that complement the green without being overbearing. 

Subject line: Happy Valentine’s Day + 35 percent OFF sale

valentine's day email design

Tip #5: Segment strategically

Segmenting your email list is all about personalization — sending each customer emails that are personally relevant to them. Segment your Valentine’s emails based on purchase history, recommending a list of products to buy that’s personalized for each customer. (“Because you bought this, you might also like…”) Pupbox does a great job of sending personalized emails, including your pet’s name in the subject line.

Subject line: ? ?? Charlie’s first box is only $14

valentine's day email ideas

Tip #6: Focus on imagery

Text is important — but let images take center stage. We’re seeing a lot of Valentine’s emails that focus on colorful imagery, like this cute product photo from Estée Lauder. We love these visually-based emails! Place your photos front and center — and then back them up with just a few well-chosen lines of text, such as Estée Lauder’s clever “Kiss and make up.”

Subject line: Valentine Vibes

valentine's day email ideas

Tip #7: Tell a customer’s story

People love a love story, so share one in an email. If you don’t have one, this is a golden opportunity to solicit some user-generated content. Ask your customers to share their own love stories in exchange for a 10% discount on their next purchase, or an entry into a giveaway. Bonus points if your product or service is what brought the happy couple together.

Subject line: The Edit | Sam Boanas and George Carey

valentine's day user generated content

Wrap-up: Valentine’s Day email ideas

Valentine’s is a holiday that email marketers can’t overlook. With all this love in the air, the right marketing can help some of the romance and good vibes rub off on your brand. Whether you use our Valentine’s Day email templates or build your own design, there’s plenty of love to go around. Happy designing!


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