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13 Best Free Email Marketing Templates by BEE

13 Best Free Email Marketing Templates by BEE

The beauty of great email marketing templates is that they can both inspire you and allow you to work more quickly.

Need to send an email in a flash? An email template is a great place to start. Looking for a beautiful design to execute an email marketing campaign, but don’t have the time? Customizing a template is the way to go!

While we love templates (I mean, we have built a catalog of over 1,500 templates), we do know that not all are created equally. Different templates serve different purposes, and choosing the right one is essential. Some things to consider when finding the perfect template for you are:

With BEE Pro, we’ve made it easy for you to find the best email marketing template for you and your needs. In our catalog, you can specify the industry, usage, and season of your email. We even have a section for automated emails, such as an abandoned cart, confirmation, and transactional. 

By using BEE Pro for email templates, you also benefit from our easy-to-navigate, drag-and-drop editor, where you can fully customize the templates to fit your unique needs and brand.  In each one, you can delete and add content, rearrange blocks, replace photos with your own or by accessing our free stock libraries, change button colors, and much more. The templates are all mobile responsive, too.

Here are 13 of our favorite email marketing templates by BEE, so you can get inspired to make them your own!

1. Fashion Email Template

The Fashion Zine template is a great go-to option for any product feature or announcement, or even a content round-up. You can replace the great hero image and text with your own, then customize the following content blocks. There’s plenty of white space here so this email feels fresh and breezy—perfect for any message you want to present with a modern, elegant vibe.

2. Email Templates for Coffee Shop

The Coffee Corner News template has a gorgeous dark background, no clutter-y navigation menu, and customizable modules for secondary content. This moody, minimal HTML newsletter template can be customized in a number of ways—replace the images and make it your own!

3. Download Freebie Email Templates

This Download Freebie template is an eye-catching blue with a unique white border. How much does that first CTA button pop, too? (Hint: keep it pink!) If you have a different call to action (other than download a freebie), simply update the text and images, and make the invitation suitable for your message.

4. Email Templates with Countdown

The Countdown to Elegance template has a dynamic countdown timer and a built-in option to personalize the “Hello” greeting in the opener. This template is soft and soothing, with a simple, singular message.

5. Automated Email Templates

In the Cryptonboarding email template, we have a great full-width hero image, followed by numbered modules with individual CTAs. This template is a great option for “getting started” and welcome emails, though you could also update it as an announcement or promotion message just as easily. We love the bold color scheme!

6. Email Templates for Photographers

If you’re looking for a great dynamic photo grid, the Rose Photography template is a perfect place to start. It’s an excellent choice for photographers searching for an email marketing template to showcase their work. Or you can use it to feature your products in a beautiful, elegant grid where the images are equally spaced and arranged neatly. Want to add a CTA button, too? Simply drag-and-drop one in, choose your colors and text, link it, and voilá!

7. Promotional Email Templates

Here’s another option for a feature or promo message where you want to highlight a gorgeous hero image at the top. The Fashion Promo template is a sleek, minimal option that can be updated in minutes. And if you need to make a splash but don’t have an image of your own, check out the free stock library!

8. Thank You Email Template

Ever just want to say Thank You? The Thank You email template is a simple, bright option for doing exactly that. Swap out the image and update the text to make it work for your brand and purposes.

9. Email Template for Food Delivery Services

Even though this template is about Food Delivery, you can customize it to be about just about anything. That’s the beauty of templates. This one features large, easy-to-read text in modules with varying backgrounds—perfect for telling a story or stacking multiple pieces of content with unique images and CTAs.

10. Last Chance Email Template

BEE’s free Last Chance template is fun, playful, and super handy. At the end of a sale, on the last day to sign up, or in the final hours of a free shipping promotion, it’s so useful to nudge readers and remind them to act. An email like this one can be customized and sent quickly—just update the text and CTA button, and you’re basically ready to roll.

11. Welcome Email Template

This bright, airy Welcome email template is a great place to get started when a new customer subscribes to your list or joins your network. The live text is super readable, the CTA button is easy to spot, and the entire email gives off a warm, friendly vibe.

12. Happy Birthday Email Templates

Everyone likes a happy birthday message. Use this Popping Gifts template to send subscribers a celebratory message (and special promotion!) once a year.

13. Email Template for Lifestyle Brands

This Fashion Lifestyle template can be used in a variety of ways, especially if you have great product photos you want to feature. It’s a great example of an email where a two-column design can come in handy, while still welcoming readers with a bold hero image to begin.

Ready to get started with BEE’s free email marketing templates? There are dozens more to choose from in our library, and there’s no signup required, so you can start designing immediately. Or you can choose to start from scratch and use our free email template builder. Go ahead, and have fun!

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Make Email Templates Your Own!

Although each of these email marketing templates were created to serve a unique purpose, the great thing about them is that they’re easily customizable. Love the layout of a template, but not so much the colors? Change them! Love the design of a flower shop template, but don’t own a flower shop? Who cares! Change the copy and imagery to fit perfectly for your industry.

BEE Pro makes it easy to customize HTML email templates, with features such as: brand style guidelines, reusable content blocks, co-editing, and more. The best part? it’s free.

Happy Designing!

Editor’s Note: This post was updated on March 2023 to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

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