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10 Best Responsive Email Templates to Wow Your Customers

10 Best Responsive Email Templates to Wow Your Customers

More and more people use their phones to check email. As a result, it’s crucial that email geeks like us send responsive emails that look great on smaller screens. In fact, emails that display incorrectly on mobile devices will likely be deleted within three seconds. Yikes! But if you aren’t sending responsive HTML emails yet, don’t worry. Take a look at these 10 ready-to-go responsive email templates to get started!

What’s responsive design again?

Responsive design requires coding techniques that optimize how an email renders on different sized devices. The method works when CSS media queries (conditional statements) detect the exact screen size of a device, then adjust the email based on the statements in the code. Lucky for us, the BEE editor automatically makes any email we design responsive by applying smart CSS media queries. That means you can customize the layout of these gorgeous HTML email templates without needing to code a single line.

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10 responsive templates to wow customers

1. Quotes Newsletter

The Quotes Newsletter template is a beautiful, bold option that can be used in a variety of ways. Display user-generated content (like product reviews), new products, or other bite-sized pieces of content in this dynamic, responsive template.

2. Summer End

Summer End is perfect for a seasonal promotion, whether it’s the end of summer or just the beginning. The inverted pyramid structure draws readers’ eyes to the bulletproof call-to-action button, and the placeholder text shows just the right amount to add. Short, sweet, and to the point! Use it to invite readers to an event or to act on a timely promotion.

3. Download Freebie

Who doesn’t like good freebie? Use the Download Freebie template to offer your latest ebook or white paper. The responsive template is bold, dynamic, and sure to grab attention!

4. Food Delivery

This Food Delivery template is one of our favorites because it can serve a number of purposes. Any company can customize this template by swapping out the images and updating the text. The z-pattern style of rows offer a great organizational structure for your content, and the alternating HTML background colors create the perfect subtle contrast. This one is sweet and fun!

5. Welcome Customer

Welcoming new subscribers, customers, or users is an email best practice. That’s why we love this ready-to-use Welcome Customer template, which makes it easy. Use the *UserName* field to personalize your message, then customize as you wish, and you’ll be ready to welcome new readers in no time.

6. Mardi Gras

Got an event coming up? Try the Mardi Gras template. It’s a great starting point for any kind of invitation on your docket: for a party, concert, celebration—you name it.

7. Beauty

The Beauty template is perfect for a big announcement, promotion, or round-up email. The opening module can be customized with your own background image and bold header. Use the subsequent modules to showcase secondary content such as user-generated reviews. Or delete rows to keep your email short, simple, and streamlined.

8. Landoo

The Landoo template offers an excellent foundation for a notification, invitation, or simple promotion email. With a bright and airy color scheme, the email is inviting and warm. You can personalize it for your customers, add your own product photos, and update the CTA button color to suit your brand.

9. Fashion Discount

If you’ve got multiple products to display, starting with the Fashion Discount template might be a smart move. This email kicks off with room for a bold hero image, then provides a responsive photo grid to customize.

10. Survey

If you haven’t tried a single-question email yet, check out the Survey template. You can quickly gather readers’ responses—and offer secondary content below, like in the example shown here. Or delete the second module and stick with simplicity. It’s up to you!

We love these 10 responsive email templates, but they’re just a small sample of BEE’s catalogue. Every BEE template is fully responsive, and you can preview how your email will look on mobile as you build it. Or you can start from scratch and build a responsive email template of your own! And once you’ve completed your responsive email, if you wish you can download it! It’s an easy, trustworthy way to design. Check out the full selection of BEE’s responsive email templates, and enjoy making them your own!

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